Every Thursday – 7:30pm
£5.50 (discounted class packs available here)

Flexibility training goes hand in hand with pole training. Want those splits? Or find that daily life just leaves you feeling a bit stiff?  Increasing your general flexibility will help to improve your posture, reduce stress and much more!

Leah has a strong knowledge of how to safely and effectively increase your range of movement and will aim to leave you stretched/strengthened and balanced. Class starts with a thorough warm up. You will then work through a series of progressive stretches, incorporating different techniques such as PNF and lots of active flexibility work!

Class content will vary from week to week and you are encouraged to work at your own pace.
Suitable for everyone, you do not need to do pole to come to this class.
Mats are provided on a first come first serve basis so it is advisable to bring your own.