Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time for your class. If you miss the warm up you will not be able to take part and your class will not be refunded. Safety first guys, we warm up for a reason!

Rolling Courses

All courses are run in 5 week blocks at an hour per lesson. Spaces are limited so advanced payment must be made to reserve your space on a course. Unfortunately once the course has started, no transfers or refunds can be issued. Missed classes will be forfeited. Cancellations can be made a maximum of 5 days before the start of the course. Any cancellations made after this point will not be refunded.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are booked on a 1-1 (one student to instructor) basis for 60 minutes. 2-1 lessons can be requested. Full advanced payment must be made to secure your booking.

Block of 5 – When booking a block of private lessons, the lessons must be taken within a 5 week period. Days are to be arranged with the instructor at the time of booking. If you miss/cancel a class the class will be forfeited. If, for any reason your instructor has to cancel a class, alternative dates will be offered. Once booked, no transfers or refunds can be issued.

Other Lessons

All classes are for 60 minutes. Spaces are limited so advanced payment must be made to reserve your space in the class. Cancellations can be made a maximum of 5 days before the class. Any cancellations made after this point will not be refunded.

Mat hire & open pole are not instructed classes. You are responsible for ensuring you sufficiently warm up/cool down. Offering instruction to others in these classes is forbidden. Failure to abide by this rule may result in you being banned from future non-instructed classes.


While every effort will be made to ensure classes go ahead as planned, cancellations may occur. Chrome Roses reserve the right to cancel or revise classes as necessary. In the event that your lesson is cancelled, you will be notified at the earliest opportunity and offered a refund or class transfer. If on a rolling course, the cancelled lesson will be added onto the end of the 5 week block.

Everything Else

  • Students must be aged 16 or above at time of booking.
  • Students participate at their own risk and are liable for their own actions and their actions around others. You will be required to sign a disclaimer before your first class. Refusal to sign this will result in the forfeit of your class/course at Chrome Roses. Students are responsible for keeping Chrome Roses up to date with their medical condition. Any injuries/surgery/new medical conditions etc must be disclosed to your instructor before your class. Please consult your GP if you are unsure if you are suitable to take part.
  • Chrome Roses reserve the right to refuse a student entry to a class if they believe they are medically unsuitable or are under the influence of alcohol/drugs. The instructor’s decision is final and in this case no refunds will be given.
  • Pregnant women are not able to take part without consent from the instructor AND their GP. Please contact us for more information.
  • Abuse towards instructors/other students will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Any student who ignores the health & safety advice of the instructor, or who is acting in an inappropriate manner, may be removed from the class and refused entry into any further classes. No refunds will be given in this case.
  • No alcohol is permitted on site.
  • Students must ensure they are suitably dressed for the class. No jewellery or lotion allowed.
  • Chrome Roses takes no responsibility for students lost/stolen or damaged personal items whilst they are at the venue.
  • Students agree to be occasionally photographed for marketing purposes and may be used on the Chrome Roses website, in publications or social media. Should you not wish for any photographic images of you to be used in this way you should express this in writing to Chrome Roses.
  • Any material or information given to students for their personal use by Chrome Roses may not, under any circumstances attempt to replicate, make available, transmit, reproduce, sell, disseminate, license, distribute, publish, broadcast or otherwise circulate the products of Chrome Roses.
  • The timetable is subject to change at any given time. Students will be notified via email/Chrome Roses facebook page