Chrome Roses Pole Dancing School

14608687_565332630318400_2807231602187702931_oCreated by UK Professional Pole Dance Champion Leah Rose, Chrome Roses Pole Dancing School in Cardiff offers a fun and friendly way to get fit, toned and feel blue train safe logo transparent

Come and join us on our 3 meter poles and learn the art of looking graceful and effortless whilst hanging upside down! We pride ourselves on safe and effective teaching, and are the only Pole Safe Federation Approved Studio in South Wales.

Pole, strength and flexibility classes are available for complete beginners through to elite polers.

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Leah is a dedicated instructor and performer and won 2 national competitions in 2013. She was the first XPERT certified instructor in South Wales and is one of the few UK X-Pole girls. She regularly represents X-Pole and XPERT in publications and shows, travelling as far as China to promote the pole industry. She also holds workshops specialising in heels choreography and slinky pole work.

Leah has the following Titles and Qualifications:

  • Level 2 Exercise to Music
  • Level 4 Sports Massage
  • XPERT Certified Instructor
  • Spin City Stretching & Flexibility certified instructor
  • XPERT Flexibility Flow certified instructor
  • Official X-Pole girl
  • XPERT trainer


  • Pole Theatre UK 2017 Professional finalist - Classique category
  • Pole Theatre Paris 2017 Professional finalist - Classique category
  • Pole Theatre UK 2016 Professional finalist - Classique category
  • Miss Pole Dance UK finalist 2015
  • Miss Pole Dance UK finalist 2014
  • UKPPC Professional Champion 2013
  • Polenastics Professional Champion 2013


  • BBC Wales - Alfies Angels
  • Channel 4 - Confessions of a male stripper

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